With Brisbane stunning natural beauty and spanning areas of land, many homeowners also make great use of automobile transport. Our staffs at Homestyle Living Outdoors has honed in on exactly what it is that residents of Brisbane look for most in outdoor design aesthetics, and has applied these observations to their carport design and construction. Building a carport in Brisbane has never been easier than with our company. We take the stress and indecision out of the equation to make design and construction fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Brisbane carports have become increasingly in demand since the advent of our company. This is because clients know that they can trust us to offer the greatest variety and quality on the market.


With variety in design and build being a major factor many locals consider when choosing a company to construct and install their carport, we at Homestyle Living Outdoors have consistently expanded to meet the communities needs. We offer some of the best timber carports Brisbane has to offer, as well as carports in a wide range of other designs and materials. Before Homestyle Living Outdoors opened our doors for service, the carport builders Brisbane was home to capitalised on typical big-business priorities. We, on the other hand, prioritize the customer and the details that will make your carport your ideal space.

Brisbane Carports Builders for Over 30 Years

Crossan Building Service has been building carports in Brisbane for more than twenty years, helping car owners and homeowners to protect their vehicles and help them add value to their property as well as improve the look of their home.


Carport Designs

With our experience comes a level of attention to detail unmatched by any others. Because of our vast amount of expertise, we can build you a traditional carport or one that’s completely unique to your property.

We can build many different types and styles, notably we typically build:

Your carport will be designed and built to last using only the best quality timber, materials and tradespeople available, so you can rest assured your car is protected from the elements.