Door Repairs and Installation

Door Repairs and Installation Brisbane & Gold Coast

Don’t put up with malfunctioning doors and sticky locks at home but get help right away! Crossan Building Service has the specialists to provide you with a solution to a range of door repair tasks. We also specialise in door installations and door replacement services in Brisbane. So, if you feel that your old stiff door is no longer doing its job, we will fit a new one for you in no time.

External Wood Door Repair & Replacement Contractors Brisbane

For over 30 years the passionate and fully-qualified team at Crossan Building Service have transformed and improved the appearance and condition of homes and businesses throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast. Proudly offering long-lasting and high-quality door repair and replacement solutions perfect for Brisbane domestic and commercial properties.

What makes Crossan Building Service a cut above the rest? We’re the most painstaking door repairs contractors Brisbane has on offer. The Crossan Building Service. often sees incomplete repair door repair jobs, not least because the source of rot or decay has not been properly treated. This could be owing to bad water drainage or something similar. That’s why you need a door repairs contractor in Brisbane with experience and integrity. Crossan Building Service have over 30 years experience in the team, so we know how to perform a wood door repair for Brisbane that will keep your door lasting longer. Why apply band aid solutions, when you can find the source of what ails – after our wood door repair Brisbane customers will have total peace of mind. When it comes to external door repair Brisbane customers should be aware that band aid solutions are often pointless. Unfortunately, Brisbane has the perfect conditions to produce rot. Often doors are not built with the conditions in mind – especially older doors.

What to expect from your door repair & installation service?

On the day of your appointment, a seasoned handyman with a set of carpentry skills will arrive promptly at your address. He will wear his “knowledge hat” and bring the right equipment, power tools and hardware supplies to complete the job with excellent results. Depending on what door service you have booked, the technician will proceed by identifying the type of door/lock you need repaired or replaced.

Door fitting service

The door installation technician will remove the old door and measure precisely its replacement. He will install the hinges and the new door to fit perfectly to the door frame. The handyman will install and adjust any additional components (knobs, handles) to ensure that the door functions correctly. Additionally, he can fit a spyhole or a mailbox on your door, upon request.

Door Repair Service

The door repair expert can fix a variety of problems with your door, such as change faulty parts, eliminate squeakiness and stiffness, repair a sagging or springing door, readjust a misaligned door, replace the door glass or refurbish a damaged door. The specialist will bring all the supplies and components to complete the service and will include them in the final bill.

Door Lock Replacement Service

Sticky and misaligned locks are the most common issues that you may encounter with your ill-functioning door. Another problem can be a broken key in the lock or an object got stuck inside it. Worry not, because Crossan Building Service have the right tools to fix or replace your broken lock in no time at all.