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Carpentry Restoration & Renovation Specialist in Brisbane

To test my skills as a restoration specialist, making changes to my home seems like an ideal way during my apprenticeship. I widened the bathroom by removing the dividing wall between it and the adjoining bedroom. I transformed the linen closet into a large walk-in shower – this required structural alterations in the roof space which I double- and triple checked my beam calculations to make sure I was doing everything by Australian Standards.

We also turned a very imposing lounge room arch way into a 3⁄4 length wall to create extra bookshelf and hanging picture space on one side and more options for my kitchen cooking area on the other. This required fitting a timber beam in the roof cavity to hold up the ceiling joists (that the ceiling plaster is also fitted to). I was filled with nervous anticipation but also real excitement! My living space was much better because of these changes. Even small changes like taking up old carpet and polishing the boards or creating a new entrance in a wall space can make a big difference to how your house flows. You don’t have to add another story to add a lot of value to your home. It’s simply a matter of determining the best use of your space and adjusting the floor plan to suit, for the rest you can always insist on a restoration specialist.



Is your home starting to show the signs of ageing? Give your living areas a makeover with simple or more extensive alterations and/or additions and prolong its life by adding extensions! Call Crossan Building Service – leading carpenter in Brisbane.

We can help you transform the look and feel of your home by providing exterior home renovation and restoration services. With extensive experience, I can design and build whichever style suits your existing property – whether it’s old Edwardian style or a Post-War property. Call us for carpentry services in Brisbane.





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