Brisbane Excavation Services

We know how difficult it can be to organise small scale excavation projects. Large companies with massive overheads and often too large equipment aren’t always that keen to do the project you may have in mind. But here at xtremecivil, there is no such thing as too small, or too tricky a project. We’re one of the best in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area especially when it comes to Tight Access Excavation. If the space is so small that not even the smallest earth moving equipment could get in, we’ll go in and move that soil by hand! Our professional team loves the challenge of tight, difficult or limited access.

Crossan Building Service fully licenced, family company with more then 30 years’ experience. As a result we have the skills and expertise to bring your ideas to life. We are the specialist company that provides an easy and affordable alternative. But just because we’re affordable doesn’t mean we skimp on the job. Far from it. We go out of our way to provide our clients with the highest quality advice and work. Our Mini Excavation Service covers everything from beginning to end. And afterwards we make sure our clean-up is perfect.

We provide affordable and quality excavation Brisbane without compromising on safety and maintenance. We know how important workplace safety issues are to the earthmoving and construction industries, so we make sure we go above and beyond the standard necessities. Our fully certified and experienced team strive for excellence, safety and keep up to date with all rules & regulations and safety acts. Our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to our Brisbane excavation services.

Residential Excavation Brisbane

Preparing your land for building a house or shed is sometimes the calm before the storm. At Crossan Building Service we will work with you to prepare your land for whatever project you have planned. We do this with efficiency, professionalism and most importantly experience, making us the first choice for excavation Brisbane services. We’ve been in the excavation industry for years, and in that time our knowledge and abilities have fine-tuned us into the premier residential excavation company in Brisbane.

Driveway Excavation Brisbane

Crossan Building Service is experienced in all types of driveway excavation Brisbane, ranging from the simple to the complex. We can excavate any existing driveways, or make new space to widen your driveway. We do all the preparation work ready for the laying of the concrete. And you can be sure that with us in charge, you will be getting the most reliable Brisbane driveway excavation that you need for your project or development.


Our Brisbane Decking Services

Site Excavation Brisbane

Crossan Building Service are the experts when it comes to building site excavation Brisbane. Depending on the type of the property, typically to build you will need to do some type of excavation. Sometimes there are tree stumps or other rubbish that needs removing, and other times the block needs to be levelled to allow a dwelling to be constructed. We have the experience and the know-how to get any building site excavation Brisbane completed in no time.

Pool Excavation Brisbane

Crossan Building Service are also the experts when it comes to pool excavation Brisbane. Summertime in Brisbane is a hot and humid affair so having a pool makes sense. Having the right foundation for your pool makes even more sense. Crossan Building Service has the experience and know-how to make sure your pool excavation Brisbane goes smoothly and on-time. If you need a pool excavation service, you have come to the right place.

Site Remediation Brisbane

Crossan Building Service some of the best site remediation Brisbane has to offer. When there is a site that is contaminated Crossan Building Service takes great strides to bring the site back to normal conditions. We have experience in remediation of large and small sites in a variety of habitats. Our site remediation Brisbane includes: removal of hazardous material, removal of general solid waste and removal of venom material. Contact us today to find out more about our site remediation Brisbane & Gold Coast.

If you would like a no-obligation free quote, just get in touch with us at Crossan Building Service. Our number is 0412985389 and our email is stuart@crossanbuilding.com.au You can also fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.