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How Much Does a Carport Cost?

Costs For Kits and Custom Designed Options

Building a carport is still the least expensive choice when it comes to vehicle storage options. The construction costs of building a garage can be well over $10,000 whereas a carport can be as low as $1000. Keep in mind that the installation of a carport is not a typical do it yourself project, a variety of contractors (electrical, carpentry, concrete.) may be needed in order to complete the job properly. If you have a custom carport made then this will be taken care of by the builder.

Whether you choose to buy a carport kit or have a custom carport built you will need to consider these options:

Site preparation – Preparing The surface
A cement slab – Pouring concrete for the foundation
Installation – Licensed builders are preferred
Building permits & Council fees – Most carports require council approvals

The typical costs for self installed Carport Kits – DIY

When considering the costs associated with the building of a carport, the following must be considered. These are costs to use as a guide when managing the project yourself. If you prefer to have a company look after the entire project would need to get a quote to get accurate figures.

Before the construction of your new carport can begin, the demolition of any current structures must be completed. Once the site is clear the preparation can begin.

The figures below are indicative of market averages for self managed do-it-yourself projects.

Single Carport Kits – 3x6m
Galvernised steel (Skillion roof) under $1000
Zincalume steel (Skillion roof) under $1600 – $1800
Colorbond Steel (Skillion roof) under $2000 – $2200
Additonal extras like width, length, timber or a gable roof may cost from $3000 – $5000


Double Carport Kits – 6x6m
Galvernised steel (Skillion roof) under $1200 – $1400
Zincalume steel (Skillion roof) under $2400 – $2600
Colorbond Steel (Skillion roof) under $2800 – $3200
Additonal extras like width, length, timber or a gable roof may cost from $4000 – $6000


Things to Consider:
These prices may include delivery.
Installation costs not included.
Limited Range of Colours and Sizes

Homeowners that choose not to construct the carport themselves, generally opt for a building contractor that is able to address all of the various areas needed in order to complete the installation.


The typical costs for custom built carports

The average cost of supply and installation is approximately $2,200 – $4,600 for a single carport. A double carport (two vehicles) tends to hover about the average of $3,200 – $8,000.

Inclusions: The above prices normally include the pouring of concrete, fittings and council approvals.


Custom Designed and Built Carports Can Inlcude
Choice Of Colours – Colorbond has 22 colour choices
Choice Of Materials – Colorbond, Zincalume, Galvernised Steel
Roofing Options – Skillion, Gable, Dutch Gable, Hip Roof, Flat Roof
Custom Dimensions – Your choice of width and length
Fixed or Free Standing


Costs of Enhancements

Panel installation or the installation of lattice panels will have a cost that varies according to wood selections and more. The installation of hardware or a sliding barn door – A set of hardware generally costs $290 in additional to six hours of installation
3 foot by six foot eight inches exterior door installation – An exterior door that includes a lockset and half glass (depending upon the styling of the door of steel) will average a homeowner $2580 to $5000.
A workbench may also need to be constructed and installed
Available space within the rafters can be utilized for the construction of a storage loft
The longevity of the carport can be extended with the addition of eaves and gutters.


Getting Accurate Quotes

If you prefer to have a professional carport builder do the entire job for you then it is important to get atleast 3 quotes before you decide who to use. We can provide you with a no obligation free quote for a single or double carport.

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